Our Cheese

All of our products are made from milk that is produced by our own herd of Nubian goats. We have a commitment to raising our animals and caring for our land with a sustainable mindset. We never use steroids, artificial hormones, preservatives, or anti-caking agents.



2022 Bronze Medal Award — World Championship Cheese Contest

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Cheddar description goes here.


Our first hard cheese! Named “gateway” because we felt that is was a great cheese to introduce “goat cheese” to those that were leary of trying. A washed curd, semi-soft cheese that is mild in flavor with a slight buttery finish. We make Plain, Roasted Garlic, and Triple Pepper.


A goat version of the Spanish Sheep milk cheese, Manchego. Aged at least three months with a natural rind that has been washed with organic olive oil, GoChego has a wonderful nutty flavor. Its smooth and suitable as a table cheese toward the middle of the wheel, while harder, and more gradable like a parmesan on the outer edge.


A classic all goat milk feta. Compared to other feta cheeses, we consider ours to be medium in flavor and salt content. Available in block, crumbled, or in oil with our Tuscany seasoning. Each are delightfully good and are interchangeable as well as having unique applications.

Caramel Sauce

As unique a product as you will find. Our goat milk caramel sauce is no ordinary caramel. Made in traditional “Mexican Cajeta” style, we spend hours boiling milk, pure non-GMO cane sugar, and a touch of baking soda, into a thick syrup that has no match as an ice cream topping, fruit dip, or used as a natural coffee creamer. Its complex flavor makes it stand apart from sugar based carmel sauces that often contain high fructose corn syrup.

Other Awards We’ve Won

2020 World Cheese Championship

Top 5: Plain Goat Cheese

2019 American Dairy Goat Products N
ational Competition

2nd Place: Plain — 3rd Place: Sweet
1st & 2nd Place: Flavored Semi-Soft

2019 US Cheese Championship

8th Place: Flavored Goat Cheese (roasted garlic)

2018 American Dairy Goat Products N
ational Competition

1st Place: Plain — 1st & 2nd Place: Sweet
1st & 2nd Place: Savory